What happens if I place any of my first 4 orders after my discount expires?

We encourage you to make your orders within the 30 day window before the expiry of your coupon code. However, even if you do not place an order with a coupon code, you will still receive your next coupon code.

For example:

Order number Order value Discount Final amount you pay
1 $60 $25 $35
2 $55 $25 $30
3 (placed after coupon expiry) $55 $0 $55
4 (placed within 30 days of delivery of order 3) $120 $25 $95
5 (does not qualify) $60 $0 $60 

In exceptional cases, you may wish to contact our customer service team to request for an extension. 

Please refer to our terms & conditions for full details. In order to make the most of your discount, we encourage you to place your orders within 30 days of them arriving to qualify for more savings.

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