What are RedMart Credits?

RedMart Credits are equivalent to its amount in dollar value i.e. $1.00 of RedMart Credits is equivalent to S$1.00.

There is one type of credit, Refund Credits - where RedMart makes a refund to you. 

You can view your Credits in your account when you log in. 

You can use these Credits towards your RedMart purchase when you commence checkout. When you select the option to use your Credits by sliding the button to your right, it is automatically applied to your total. 

Usage Policy for RedMart Credits: 

Please note that should you choose to use your RedMart Credits, the full sum of the Refund Credits will be applied towards your next order.

Should the amount of Credits exceed your order total and you choose to apply your Credits, we will only utilise the amount up to your order total. Any remaining Credit will be stored in your account and used for your subsequent orders.

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