Why do I receive so many plastic bags with my RedMart order?

With the wide range of products you are able to purchase, packing and delivering them becomes challenging with the risk of cross-contamination. At RedMart, we place your health and safety as our top priority, and aim to deliver your products to you in the safest manner possible.

In order to comply with AVA guidelines for food safety, you may find that your products arrive in separate plastic bags. The reason for doing so is to reduce the chance of cross-contamination of your food products during storage and transit. We also separate your items to ensure that they are stored at the right temperature for optimum freshness.

Here are the guidelines we follow for packing separation to ensure food safety:

Dry goods

  • Food items for direct consumption (e.g. canned foods, rice, shelf-stable beverages)
  • Crushable products (e.g. bread, eggs)
  • Household items (e.g. cleaning products)
  • Non-food items (e.g. personal care, food storage)

Fresh/chilled food

  • Raw meats and seafood
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Ready to eat, chilled juices and dairy products

Frozen food

  • Raw frozen meats and seafood
  • All other non-raw frozen products (e.g. ice cream, convenience foods, frozen vegetables)

While we are working to reduce the number of plastic bags we use in fulfilling your orders, please be assured that all our current plastic bags are certified Oxo-biodegradable in accordance with ISO-17556 standards and recyclable at your local recycling bin.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and we encourage you to recycle your plastic bags. Unfortunately, RedMart cannot currently take used plastic bags.  

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