I opted in to move my account on RedMart. What has moved and what has not?

On 15 March 2019, your past 6 months’ purchase history, order lists and cart contents will be moved to the new RedMart on Lazada. Due to data privacy laws, your payment and/or credit card details will not be part of our move to the Lazada Platform.

In addition, as a welcome gift, you can receive up to $25 in vouchers to shop on the new RedMart on Lazada from 15 March 2019 (terms and conditions apply).



After our move to Lazada is completed on 15 March 2019, customers will need to have an approved payment method, or register a new one if necessary, to submit orders on the new RedMart. You will still be able to retrieve your purchase history and order lists on Lazada platform, the same as before.

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